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A unique feature of plaster is that they last for decades as they are very durable. If you ever notice that it has developed cracks, is sagging or showing other signs of damage, get in touch with experienced plasterers. There are hundreds of them scattered all over Hampshire. Look for one with years of experience in the industry as they know the various issues which might crop up when fixing/ repairing old plasters or installing new ones. Ignoring those cracks and trouble spots will deteriorate the condition of your walls over time as humidity, water and dust can pass through them.

What Causes Plaster Damage?

Though there are various reasons behind plaster damages, the right plasterer can help you determine the exact cause. Generally, hairline cracks develop when plaster gets separated from the framework of your home due to excess moisture, age or structural damage to your house. Let the professional assess the extent of damage and they will let you know whether you need plaster repair services or new plaster installation.

Plasterers in Hampshire

7 Reasons Why Old Houses Require Plaster Repair Services

  • There are high chances for the framework of a house to settle and move out of place as the house shifts over time. As the door frames and window frames shift, the plaster gets pulled away from the wall. A common sign indicating that the plaster has moved out of place is when you notice that the plaster ceiling is sagging or has developed cracks.
  • Though being resistant to water damages and high humidity levels, the lath behind the plaster on your walls can get damaged due to excess moisture or water leaks. A damaged lath is incapable of holding the plaster in place and cracks might develop.
  • The heat generated by a chimney can expand and contract the walls around the fireplace which can lead to cracks in the plaster.
  • Every time you install new doors and windows in your house, it puts pressure on the surrounding plaster. Some plaster varieties are not capable of supporting windows with high amounts of plastic which makes them shift, expand and crack.

Plasterers in Hampshire

  • The ceiling plaster might also get damaged due to expansion and contraction of soil as it puts pressure on the material.
  • Faulty plaster installation is another reason why the material can shift and move away from its backing. The easiest way to avoid blown plaster is by hiring experienced plasterers in Hampshire.
  • When the plaster on your walls gets exposed to excess humidity or water, it can cause efflorescence. It is the leaching of salt and other materials which can weaken the plaster and lead to cracks, splits and sags.

Why Choose Plaster Instead Of Drywall?

There are a few people who think that replacing the faulty or cracked plaster in your house with drywalls will help them save money. It is a very common myth which people should debunk. Plaster is more soundproof than drywall and helps in creating a quieter environment inside your room. No biological materials are used while making plaster so you don’t have to worry about mould growing behind them. They even prevent spores from spreading. You can’t achieve the high-end finish offered by plasters with drywall. The plasterer can also create innovative swirls and patterns on the wall.

These being said, you now know how you can enhance the appeal and value of your old house by hiring plasterers.