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Professional dry lining service in Surrey

As the use of dot and dab dry lining increases in modern construction techniques, you’ll want to ensure that you have experts on hand to assist. This is where Parson Ash Ltd can help. Our dry lining experts are able to apply traditional and modern techniques to ensure you get the finish that you require. You’ll get a prompt and reliable service that helps you ensure that this phase of your build is completed on time and within budget.

Our dry lining expertise covers:

  • Dot and dab dry lining

  • All dry wall systems

  • Metal stud partitioning

  • Tacking

  • Tape and joining

Benefits of dry lining:

  • Quick and clean

  • Can be used on a variety of materials from timber and masonry to metal

  • Suitable for new builds

Useful in all environments

The practicality of dry lining has led to it being used in a variety of properties. Our team has the experience to assist with dry lining across all your projects and developments.

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