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Drylining is a comparatively newer version of plastering in construction. But drylining in Surrey is favoured by a lot of builders for its speed and convenience.  As the technology developed more drylining turned out to be a better and more useful option for the plasterers. Thus, it has evolved to be one of the significant applications to be implemented during construction works. The best part about it is that it complies with issues like health and safety regulations, environment, carbon footprinting well.  This has contributed to its increasing popularity to a great extent.

What is drylining?

The method of drylining involves pressing a panel of gypsum plaster between two thick sheets of paper. This is called drywall, which can be used to plaster interior walls and ceiling. It is also helpful in hiding cracks, bumps or uneven surfaces, and creates hollow space for insulation.  It is referred to as ‘drylining’ because very little water is used in the process.

Essential functions of drylining

The procedure of drylining has several functionalities when it comes to its incorporation during various construction projects. It brings a welcome difference in the entire process and opens up new opportunities to transform the overall look and feel of the place. It can be finished to Level 4 5 perfection depending on the purpose of the application as you have opted for drylining. The most typical uses include raising floors, lowering ceilings, and creating new corridors, rooms and more space. It is guaranteed that at the end you will have a satisfactory result and there lies its effectiveness.

Why choose drylining over traditional plastering?

  • It is a much quicker and efficient method than traditional plastering. While the old ways can take up to a week or two, drylining finishes the job in 2-3 days.
  • It is quite lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Dry-lined walls provide more insulation owing to its material and also for the extra space between plasterboard and the wall.
  • You can get started on painting immediately, without having to wait for the plaster to dry.

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There are many other benefits of drylining, which make it a wise choice, such as fire insulation and less water wastage.