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If you are walking down any town street across the UK, you will surely find a balanced blend of different architectural styles, ornamentations and the periods in the buildings around. They are the elements that attribute the locale with those deep-drawn characteristics. Thus, the place gains the unique identity of its own. Ever wondered what is the secret behind those buildings surviving through ages? Well, one of the principal theories being the perfect plastering of the external walls. This no doubt gives you enough reasons to understand why you should always look for one of the most efficient plasterers in Hampshire while constructing your home or office.

Historically, the process of rendering can be traced back to some of the earliest urban set-ups. It was introduced to Britain by the Romans. Ever since a variety of materials have been used to safeguard the homes in this country. It is crucial to opt for rendering or external plastering as it often serves as a new skin for the brickworks. The process offers the assurance that your home remains warm, dry, and protected at all time against all-natural agents such as sun rays, rain, wind, and severe cold weather conditions. Thus, your home will sustain the wear and tears over decades if not centuries.

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The Contemporary Methods of External Wall Plastering

In the 21st century, the procedure of rendering remains quite similar to the one followed by the Romans. Still, the process has evolved to a developed form where it offers a decorative functionality along with the protective use provided earlier. A close inspection of the plasters will infer that they bear the same level of individuality as the building itself. The modern plastering is available in a wide choice of textures, finishes, and colours. You can very well avail several options ranging from a moulded render to a pebble dash finish.

Which Render is Perfect for Your Property?

As there are so many forms of plastering available right now, it often gets confusing to choose the right one. The wise decision would be calling for expert plasterers in Hampshire. They bear a wealth of knowledge about the plastering materials for your external walls. Thus, consulting them will give you the option to have useful advice. The style and age of the property would also be a determining factor for setting the budget for the plastering project.

Plasterers in Hampshire

What Would be the Inclusions in the External Plastering?

Lime:  This is one of the oldest materials for rendering and is still a popular option for a moderate budget. Lime collects water like a sponge and lets it evaporate naturally, preventing it from getting closer to the brickwork.

Cement: It is one of the most popular choices for the render. It is also a cost-effective option. The skilled plasterers mix it at the site and apply it in layers.

Monocouche: It is a kind of decorative finish applied to the external walls offering both weather protection and a decorated appearance. The term means ‘single-layer’. It is made of white cement mixture which also comes in pre-coloured varieties. They are either trowelled or sprayed onto the surface.

Polymers: This type of render takes white cement or lime as their base. They come in ready-mix and pre-coloured varieties. They are less prone to cracks.

Acrylic: This is the option of rendering often used as a thin coat for having the plasterwork sealed. It offers an attractive, colourful finish and enhances the durability of the plaster at the same time.